Anupama 1st September 2023 Written Episode Update:

Anupama 1st september 2023 Written Episode Update

Now in the further story, you all will see where Kavya now tells her truth to all the family members. And Kavya says that this child is not Vanraj’s but Anirudh’s. That’s why all the family members are very surprised. And Baa gets very angry with Kavya. Then Anupama explains to Baa and says let your anger cool down a bit. after that, you decide And now Baa clearly tells Anupama that she will die, but will not accept Kavya’s children.

Baa says I hate Kavya and her child and I don’t want to see the face of this sinner. Then she tells Anupama that whatever you want to say to Kavya. Speak to Kavya but don’t say anything to this child because what is this child’s fault? And now Anupama starts folding her hands in front of Baa. On the other hand, all of you will see that when Pakhi is talking to Adik Pakhi is telling Adik that mummy is stuck in the house. And Anuj is listening to Pakhi and Adik’s talk.

Now Anupama tells Kavya that if you have something to say then say it! Then Kavya says to Ba Ba, I have not made this mistake intentionally. Knowingly or unknowingly this mistake has been made by me. And whatever punishment you give me for this, I will accept it. That’s why Baa tells Kavya that neither I will forgive you nor punish you, just leave this house.

Ba holds Kavya’s hand and starts taking her out, then Anupama holds Ba’s hand. And Anupama says to Baa that if you people are not adopting Kavya, then my younger brothers will adopt her, and I will take her with me. And Anupa starts leaving with Kavya. Then Vanraj says that Kavya will not go anywhere. Then Baa tells Vanraj that if you also want to go with her then you can go. And Baa tells Vanraj that you have adopted her child, then Vanraj says yes, I have forgiven Kavya and have adopted Kavya’s child. And Vanraj says that women always forgive men and why can’t men forgive women? And I have forgiven Kavya. Then hearing these words of Vanraj, the senses of all the family members fly away and tears come in Ba’s eyes.

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