Anupama 28th August 2023 Written Episode Update: An Emotional Moment for Kavya

Anupama 1st september 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama 28th August 2023 Written Episode Update by

Now in the further story, you all will see where Kavya has a stomach ache and Kavya goes to the doctor. And the doctor tells Kavya that her report is normal. And now Dimpy is carrying breakfast for her friends. That’s why Baa tells Dimpy to keep it properly and have you spread it everywhere. Then Dimpy tells Baa to calm down or else my friend will hear. At the same time, Dimpy’s friend enters the kitchen. Then Baa tells Dimpy’s friend that they cannot enter the kitchen wearing slippers.

Then Dimpy’s friend feels bad for saying Baa’s words and Dimpy’s friend leaves from there and tells Dimpy that you had called us here to insult us. Just then, a fight breaks out between Dimpy and Baa. The same now Vanraj comes from the office and sees both of them quarreling, Vanraj gets very angry. And Kavya pacifies Dimpy and Baa. And Kavya brings water for Baa. Then Dimpy frees the glass from Kavya’s hands and throws it on the ground. Then Kavya explains to Dimpy but Dimpy leaves from there, then Kavya also goes back and forth to explain to Dimpy and Kavya falls down. And Kavya gets hurt in her stomach.

And now Anupama and Anuj go to the temple, then Anupama gets a call.Then Anuj asks Anupama. What has happened then Anupama says that Kavya has fallen. And now you will see that we’re now all the family members come to the hospital with Kavya. And now Vanraj prays to God and says to keep my child safe and keep Kavya safe too. Baa is speaking to Dimpy that if anything happens to Kavya, I will tell you why the word mother-in-law is bad. Then Dimpy says that I have not done it intentionally. And even in the middle of Toshu Samar, there is an argument. And now Dimpy is crying, then Kinjal goes to Dimpy and Kinjal explains to Dimpy and says I know that you have not done it intentionally. All this is done by deceit and Kinjal tells Dimpy to pray to God that Kavya and her baby stay safe.

Now he calls Vanraj a doctor. And Vanraj goes to the doctor and says that Kavya and the baby are fine, right? Then the doctor says yes, both are fine. Now when Toshu and Samar are coming to the hospital, Dimpy tells Samar that he should not give money to Anuj and Mummy and you give the money. Now you will see when Samar reaches the hospital and asks Anupama how is Kavya, only then does Anupama say that both are fine. Now the same Vanraj also goes to Kavya. And explains to Kavya.

Toshu tells Anupama and Anuj that both of you are here and Pakhi is alone there. And Pakhi is fine, that’s why Anupama says yes Pakhi is fine. Now the same Romil and Pakhi are talking, then Romil says to Pakhi Why are you tolerating so much? Then Paaki tells Romil to concentrate on his studies and stay away from our matters. And now Kavya also prays to god May nothing happen to my child. Then Vanraj explains to Kavya and says that nothing will happen to our child and nothing will happen to you too.

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