Anupama 26th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Pakhi Makes a Request

Anupama 1st september 2023 Written Episode Update

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In the next story, all of you are going to see what Anupama is now explaining to Pakhi. And now Anupama tells Pakhi that Adik is not forcing himself on you, then Pakhi says Mummy this is between me and Adik. Pakhi tells Anupama that mummy doesn’t mix poison in my mind for more. Pakhi says Mummy we both are very nice and Adik is very much himself with me. Please don’t judge her because of one mistake! And he realizes his mistake and has said sorry and why are you people treating him like Kirmanal?

And he realizes his mistake and has said sorry and why are you people treating him like Kirmanal? Pakhi starts folding her hands in front of Anupama and says please give her a chance to Adik. And everyone should get a chance. Anuj also made a mistake to correct his mistake and you also gave him a second chance, didn’t you? And why can’t my husband get a second chance? And now Anupama says to Pakhi, Okay, if you say so, I will accept it and from now on I will not ask you any question. And Anupama tells Pakhi that I have a request from you. Anupama tells Pakhi that if anything happens, don’t hesitate and tell your mother.

And now Anupama starts leaving Pakhi’s room and then Anupama says that you and Romil have become friends. I am very happy to see this. Then Pakhi says that Romil is not bad and I consider him as my younger brother. Then Anupama tells Pakhi that since childhood they used to ask for younger brother. Take, today you have also got a younger brother.

Now further you will see where Kinjal’s health deteriorates and she gets a fever. That’s why Baa tells Kinjal not to worry about work, I will do all the work and you go and rest. And she says that you stay away from the angel, otherwise, the angel will also get this disease. And on the other side where Anupama and Anuj are talking to each other then Anupama says that I have spoken to Pakhi today. And Anuj also says that I have also talked to Adik today. But everything seems fine in both of them.

After a while, Anupama gets Baa’s call and Baa says Anupama you come home quickly. Bapu ji Kavya and Kinjal are very unwell. And now as soon as Anupam reaches the house, all three people remain ill. And Anupama is managing everyone. Just then Dimpy comes there and Dimpy says. Such a small child is crying, no one is watching her and Dimpy picks up Pari and makes her shut up. Now in a short while Kinjal’s fever subsides Bapuji’s health also becomes much better and Kavya also becomes fine. That’s why Baa says to Anupama that it is okay now you go, I will take care of it.

And now you will see that where Barkha is narrating a lot of things to Romil and asking Romil to leave the house. Then Romil also gives the opposite answer to Barkha, then Barkha gets angry at Paromil and Barkha raises her hand on Romil, then Anupama comes there and Anupama holds Barkha’s hand. And Anupama asks Romil to go to the room. Anupama will be seen reprimanding Barkha. And Anupama tells Barkha that if you guys don’t stop all this then Anuj will have to take some big step.

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