Anupama 30th August 2023 Written Episode Update:

Anupama 1st september 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama 30th August 2023 Written Episode Update by

Now in the story ahead, all of you will see that while Anupama remains very upset, Anuj explains to Anupama. Now you are going to see that when Romil comes very late from outside at night, Ankush asks Romil. where are you coming from so late in the night Romil tells Ankush that I had gone after telling Anupama aunty.

And the same Romil says that I do not want to stay here.Make arrangements for my stay somewhere else. I feel suffocated here. And your wife and her brother trouble me a lot. And it was better than here to be at my grandmother’s house one there hated me nor gave me any tension. And Romil tells Ankush don’t go wrong with me in fulfilling the responsibility of being your father. And on the other hand, Kavya’s health gets better and he comes home.

And then Baa starts crying. Then Kavya tells Baa that I am fine and nothing has happened to me and nothing has happened to my baby either. Please don’t cry! And Baa tells Kavya that I will always stay with you until you have a child. Then Dimpy comes to Kavya. So Baa does not allow Dimpy to come near Kavya and reprimands Dimpy. And Baa tells Dimpy that I told you not to come near Kavya and her child.

And now Anupama explains to Ba and says Leave all this! Then Baa tells Anupama you go and take care of your house and there is no need to speak in my house. And from today I will make the decisions about my house on my own. And you all will see where Adik now tries to get close to Pakhi. And pretends to be in love with Pakhi. And now Anupama tells Anuj that till the house is reunited, Baa will keep finding different reasons to hate Dimpy.

Anupama gets a call from Nakul.Then Anupama asks Nakul where is Guru Maa?Then Nakul disconnects the call. And now Anupama goes to Gurukul and does not find Guru Maa there. And there some people are found who are picking up the goods from the Gurukul.

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