Anupama 22nd August 2023 Written Episode Update: Adhik`s Fake Apology

Anupama 1st september 2023 Written Episode Update

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Now in the next story, you all will see where Adik folds his hands in front of Pakhi and cries bitterly and says forgive me, Pakhi, I regret my mistake. And now he says more that now I will never make this mistake again. And now Adik tells Anupama that if I do this, you should strip me of my skin and tells Vanraj to beat me and break my bones and tells Anuj to throw me out of the house. That’s why Anupama says that if the son-in-law of the house asks for something and we do not give him anything, it cannot happen, so we give it to the police now.

That’s why Pakhi says that you guys let him speak, please! And now Adik regrets his mistake. And Adik tells Pakhi to give me one chance to rectify my mistake. And now he starts crying a lot. The same tears come in Pakhi’s eyes too. That’s why Pakhi Adik has caste And now Anuj tells Anupama that he is doing all this drama. When it comes to going to jail, even big criminals start apologizing like this. Then Anupama says that we are seeing this drama, but Pakhi is not seeing it. And Anupama says that he is giving false hope to her and in this false hope, the girls keep on suffering for whole life. And then Vanraj says that Pakhi has seen so many marriages breaking around her that she is scared and she is trying to save her relationship at all costs.

And the same Bapuji says that when the boy starts apologizing in front of the whole family, the girls become weak and forgive him. And now Anupama says that Pakhi is getting trapped in the trap of false hope and Adik is giving even more false hope. And the same now Bapu ji says that we do not want false, hope and false relationship for our Pakhi and we do not care what people will say to us? And Bapuji says that marriage is not a prison. And if Pakhi and Adik’s marriage breaks, it may break, but we cannot leave Pakhi with such a person. Otherwise, what will he do with Pakhi?

And now he cries more and says Pakhi please forgive me. And Adik says that you will give me a chance, neither will you give a chance to your Adik, then only Pakhi says. Yes, I will give a chance to my Adik and Pakhi forgives Adik. And now Anupama tells Pakhi that you have held the same hand of Adik with which Adik had slapped you. That’s when Pakhi tells Anupama that yes mummy I know about this. And now Pakhi says that Adik and I will manage and we will not let our relationship break.

Now the story ahead is going to be even more interesting and fun because here Anupama gets very angry with Adik and Anupama says Adik Mehta you raised your hand on my daughter. So next time I will not leave you and will hand you over to the police. And Anupama tells Adik that Pakhi can forgive you but none of us has forgiven you. And the same Anupama now tells Pakhi and Adik that I pray to God that both of you get wisdom. And now Vanraj folds his hands in front of God and says that I have done wrong with my wife, so today wrong is happening with my daughter. And now Dimpy says that Adik is right but Pakhi must have done something. That’s why Adik raised his hand at Pakhi. That’s why Baa tells Dimpy why are you speaking in our house. You live separately, don’t you go and do your work, that’s why Dimpy leaves from there. And brother, on the other hand, now Anupama is very angry with Adik and Anupama is also very scared for Pakhi. And now Anuj manages and explains to Anupama.

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