Anupama 25th August 2023 Written Episode Update: The Goenkasc make an effort

Anupama 1st september 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama 25th August 2023 Written Episode Update by

Now in the story ahead, you all will see where Kinjal tells all the family members that we invite Pakhi to the house as the festival of Raksha Bandhan is coming. Then Dimpy comes there. And Dimpy is saying that there is light coming here but we are not getting light here. And my condition has worsened because of the heat! Then Anupama asked whether you had paid the electricity bill or not. Then Dimpy says that we have been separated for only three days, so how can we pay the electricity bill so soon? Then Anupama says that the electricity bill comes in the last month itself, so you should pay it. And Anupama says that there are two meters in the house.

One is on the top and one is on the bottom, the lower one belongs to us and the upper one is yours and you haven’t paid the bill, that’s why your light is not coming on. Then Dimpy tells Anupama that you guys didn’t even know that two meters were installed and you enjoy troubling me. Then Vanraj tells Dimpy that there is no need to tell you. Dimpy Samar knows very well that there are two meters in the house. At the same time, a fight starts between Dimpy and Anupama. And Anupama says that it was you who had to separate, so you will have to pay the bill too.

Now further you will see where Paki tells Romil that you should leave college soon. And Baki tells Romil You will eat the cake, I have made the cake. And now Romil also says, okay, I eat. Romil eats the cake and tells Pakhi that they will be friends with him, and Pakhi and Romil become friends. And Anupama is overjoyed to see Pakhi and Raromil together. Now Pakhi goes to her room. Just then Anupama comes there and Anupama explains to Pakhi. Then Pakhi and Anupama start arguing and Pakhi says why are you after my marriage.

On the other hand, you all will see where Samar explains to Dimpy and says that we have one more chance. Still can be careful and say sorry to the family members once and we all can live together. Then Dimpy starts quarreling with Samar and says I will not say sorry. Then Samar leaves from there. The same Anupama asks Pakhi if he doesn’t force him too much, then Pakhi starts crying, Pakhi tells Anupama Mummy why are you talking like this?And Anupama hugs Pakhi.

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